Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Here We SNOW Again!!!!

Come on already, this is getting ridiculous, it's tax day!!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008


God is sooooooooooo good, the past two months have been a hotbed of activity at the Hall House. We have seen the Lord do a mighty work in our hearts and minds, work, relationships, friends and family. One of the special things that has happened is that Doug and William were able to take a trip to Alabama to see some elderly and much missed relatives, this was such a special trip for them to take. It gave them a chance to have some father son bonding and memory making, they both came home with ear to ear grins on their faces...Priceless... here are some of their special moments. Hope you enjoy I know they did and they are better for the journey.


Grandpa Bill,Uncle Ralph & Aunt Kate

GREAT Aunt Kate & Will

Winding River

Water View


Gods' Green Earth

Take a Guess on what these are???

Alabama Flea Market

Doug and Will

Good Southern Food!

Alabama fur shure......

Uncle Ralphs' Potato Cannon

Dont Fly Hungry!