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Bright orange and florescent armbands were placed in the bag.
Anticipation loomed in that still cold air, yet not a complaint was uttered, in fact quite the opposite; Perhaps a speech on honor, then a reading of the rules of the games, and finally it was on…Everyone holding an air soft gun, each filled with beautiful plastic bullets- - - some were even camouflage, and all wearing either masks or oversized awesome glasses.

Captains were picked, commands were voiced, and flags set up.
Now I know that there was a game called capture the flag of course, and also one called "what are you crazy", I happened to look out the window at this time and saw a line of people to my right, with only Ethan remaining on the left side of the advancing team, [Smiles]
Other than that I cannot relay much more information, sorry.
I heard however that it was very fun, and an extremely adrenaline filled combat until dark! Good job soldiers! Well done ladies too!
The next thing I knew it was pizza, cupcakes, and umm what was that song we all sang? Oh ya… Happy birthday to William!
And then what else was left to do but play that conspicuous game…. Ninja tag… hiyaa! -Byeyaa-


The airsoft war (two words) game on, it was pretty good gunslinging fun. It started with people arriving at our house and then we got down to business explaining the rules and the the mission. The General
Round Table Discussion
The Nate-n-ator

First we played "what are you crazy" in which the two teams lined up and then one person from one team fired and one person from the other side fired. Another version is one team fires at the same time then the other team fires, we played many games. Next time we need to be more organized though. Another game we played was kill the president and I was the president. Here are some of our comrades-in-arms..Dont let their innocent faces fool you ~ these are vicious military hounds
and this feline's code name is really "Bobby" the Mafia kitty!
We played football and then the pizza arrived and we ate. Then the day was over and that is pretty much how it went but then again most of you were there so you already now that.


Interesting. that’s what I think about turning fifteen, yes dear reader hard as it may seem but I turned fifteen on Tuesday 1/13/09/ that’s all on that for now. Texas was cool, actually it was warm we had a lot of fun,
there was a river walk and along it there were restaurants. I only had two misadventures in Texas and one was when I was called a dude by the taxi driver when I looked liked a cowboy; rather insulting to be called a dude when one is not a dude in non dude country. The second misadventure was when I swallowed chlorine and I threw up in the hot tub at the hotel.
The film festival was great and the Von Trap children sang for us. There were a lot of good films, all in all it was great. Yes your thinking right the Von Trap children they are those children, Kirk's grandchildren to be exact. Oh also a third misadventure was on the airplane ride back home, anyone interested in knowing how many barf bags an airline stewardess can run and get in 60 seconds flat??


"The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry"

At this years San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival there were a lot of interesting, heartwarming, intellectually stimulating, conversation starting and life changing and affirming movies shown. But by far my absolute favorite film of the festival interestingly enough was not the Jubilee grand prize winner, but a priceless gem of a story that had me engrossed for over an hour and a half, "The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry". This wonderful film produced by the same man who brought us Time Changer, Mr. Rich Christiano really touched both myself and my DH very much. After the viewing I immediately went to the sales table to see if it was one of the film available for sale, sadly it wasn't. We were extremely glad to hear the reason being that the film will be released in theaters first. I personally will be attending and promoting this movie as much as possible. When it releases on DVD I will be first in line to buy our family's copy. It's that good! I don't want to give away the whole plot of the film but I will give a short synopsis. Three 12 year old boys experience a typical summer growing up in the early 70's. First crush, problems with bullies etc. and what happens when an elderly neighbor takes a Godly interest in their lives. The "Rest of the Story" as the beloved recently departed radio broadcaster Paul Harvey would tell his listeners; will have to wait until you and your family experience this fabulous tale in Dolby Digital Surround Sound.


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